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  • This plate is made of high-resistance black tempered glass, and its ease of cleaning surprises everyone.
  • Get a greater stability of your containers with the continuous enamelled racks.
  • Turn on the hob in the most comfortable and safe way with a self-start button integrated in the controls.
  • That traditional touch of the gas cooker, together with a contribution of innovation and aesthetics, is the dream of any chef.
  • The GasStop system closes the gas flow automatically when no flame is detected.




  • 4 gas burners:
  • - Right front: auxiliary up to 1kW
  • - Right rear: semi-fast up to 1.7kW
  • - Front left: fast up to 3kW
  • - Left behind: semi-fast up to 1.7kW
  • Metal grills
  • Auto power integrated into the controls
  • Gas Stop Safety: incorporates an electromechanical gas cut-off system in case the flame goes out accidentally
  • Liquefied gas G30.31 28-30 / 37 mbar / biomethane
  • Natural gas/biomethane injectors included in this model. 

Balay ETG464MB gas hobs

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