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Extra Silence Motor: Your tabletop soundtrack shouldn't be the dishwasher.


That's how we thought about it at Balay and that's why we incorporated the ExtraSilencio motor with Inverter technology, which dispenses with traditional brushes and reduces friction. This not only minimizes the noise level but also lengthens the life of the motor and increases its efficiency. Something that both your ears and your pocket appreciate. What sounds good?


"All in 1" function: the right wash for each detergent.


With this function, the washing parameters are automatically adjusted to the type of detergent you are using at the time. So you can get perfect results with any type of detergent.


"ECO" program: take care of resources, with the best result.


When you have to wash the dishes and cutlery, and they are not very dirty, set the "ECO" program, which washes optimizing water and energy consumption. Your kitchen utensils will be like new since all the parameters are adjusted to the degree of dirt and load of the dishes, to obtain the best result without spending more than necessary.


Freestanding dishwasher: an exceptional design that adapts to any style.


In addition to being practical, comfortable and efficient, this dishwasher stands out in design. It will be in complete harmony with the rest of your kitchen, thanks to its modern, clean and refined design, with a continuous line between the dishwasher door and the control panel.

Balay VS303IP Dish Washer

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