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  • Projected onto floor of set temperature
  • Internal memory of set temperature
  • Can be used with or without the app
  • 1.5m cable and plug
  • Thermal fuse for overheating
  • Stålfront
  • Environmentally friendly heater – no dust burning
  • Certified for use in wet rooms IP24
  • Electronic thermostat


All Panel heaters with Wi-Fi from BEHA are designed and manufactured in Norway. They are based on our knowledge and experience from more than hundred years as a manufacturer of heater. The heaters are approved for use in wet rooms.


Managed via your mobile or PC with in-built Wi-FI
The heaters all have programmable thermostats and Wi-Fi so you can easily control your heating via our BEHA App on your phone or PC. They can of course also be managed manually. The set temperature is projected on to the floor for easy reading. The product range is available in two heights and in a variety of output power. The heaters have an almost unlimited lifetime. You will therefore be able to enjoy the SmartHeaters from BEHA for years to come.


Better internal climate
Traditional heaters burn dust that can be irritation for your throat, bad for asthma sufferers but also smell badly. Beha SmartHeater reduces that problem. Research has shown that dust starts to burn at 225°C. BEHA’s environmentally friendly heaters have extruded aluminium surface with perforations that will keep the temperature down during heat up, and there for not burn any dust.

For a safer and better internal climate.

Beha Panel Heater 1000w

€309.00 Regular Price
€260.00Sale Price
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