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Espresso in 3 cup sizes


Thanks to its Adjustable Nozzle Height, you can enjoy your espresso in 3 different cup sizes - from small (40 mL) to medium (120 mL) to large (190 mL). Plus, no more unsightly coffee splashes on the counter when using small cups!


Firm & stable hold


Anti-slip Feet will secure your espresso machine, making it stand strong and stable on the countertop.




  • Water Tank Capacity: 1500 ml

  • Removable Drip Tray

  • Adjustable Nozzle Height

  • Detachable Water Tank

  • Level of Grinding-coarseness Adjustment: 5

  • Milk Frother

  • Cup Size Adjustment

  • Power: 1350 W

  • Pressure: 19 bar

Beko CEG 3192 B Espresso Machine

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