Lighting with LED technology
LED technology (light emitting diodes) represents the vanguard in lighting systems. The main features are very low energy consumption as well as a virtually unlimited life (over 40,000 hours).


Perimeter aspiration
The perimeter extraction is a mechanical system that forces fumes, vapors and smells coming from the hob to cross suction sections positioned along the perimeter of the hood. This solution allows to have a pleasant aesthetic effect also of the lower part of the hood, hiding the fat filters from view, while maintaining a high suction efficiency


High Efficiency Carbon Filter
High efficiency carbon filters that guarantee high performance in terms of odor absorption.


Control sensors
It is an effective automatic system that detects any type of smell, smoke or gas along with the heat and steam present in the kitchen, turning on and adjusting the hood to filter it or expel it. Very convenient for those who love automation, the system can still be deactivated by the user at any time, bringing the hood back to the traditional manual control.

  • Installation: Built-in
  • Finishing: Stainless Steel
  • Controls: Electronics Slim Display 3V + (Int.)
  • Engine No.: 1
  • IEC range: 270-530 (595-) m3 / h
  • Pressure: 467 Pa
  • Noise level dB: 51-66 (70) A
  • Total absorption: 255 W
  • Measurements: 520 mm
  • Lighting: 2x2.5 W Led
  • Version: Aspiring / Filtering
  • Output: diameter 150 mm
  • Fat Filter: Aluminum Filter
  • Energy efficiency class: C
  • Annual energy consumption: 94 KWh / annum

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