The Leggero Ozone Ion 4D hair dryer is powerful and lightweight. Thanks to its Ozone Ion technology, your hair will receive real ozone and negative ion treatment and will be revitalized, stronger and thicker. Ozone has considerable advantages: it reduces the drying time because it boosts the evaporation of water, facilitates the build-up of a layer of protective substances on the hair, cleanses the scalp by removing impurities and excess sebum, improves microcirculation and oxygenation. These properties lead to a revitalization of the hair bulb and the reactivation of its growth. The hair is thus rejuvenated, more resistant, thicker. Laboratory tests have also certified that from the first use the Leggero Ozone Ion 4D hair dryer reduces the presence of bacteria and mycoses on the hair, thanks to the antibacterial properties of ozone. The ions, constantly emitted in high quantities during the use of the hair dryer, reconstruct the hair, increase its suppleness and shine. Leggero Ozone Ion 4D is a hair dryer Made in Italy.


• Power 2400 W

• Long-life AC motor

• Ion Plus technology, say goodbye to frizz

• Ozone Ion technology: anti-aging effect

• Tourmaline coated internal components

• 6 combinations of 2 speeds and 3 temperatures and cold air shot

• Removable filter for easy cleaning

• Includes two nozzles and diffuser

• 3 mt cable

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