GSH890 is a razor equipped with the Double Track cutting system: inside the 3 rotating heads, there are 2 circular blades that allow a 0.1 mm shave, speeding up its execution because they cover a wider surface of the face and neck. The flexible heads ensure a more effective shave because they adapt to the shape of the face and have continuous contact with the skin to capture all the hairs. In this way, you will not need to pass the machine so many times through the same point. In addition, thanks to the rounded edges, they glide easily and delicately on the skin avoiding cuts or scratches. The


Double Track cutting system allows to capture even the shortest hairs and that grow with a non-uniform direction because it has the ability to lift them and then cut them with the passage of the blades. 


The GSH890 machine is equipped with a precision trimmer built into the body of the machine, useful for trimming the beard and sideburns. Thanks to the function with or without cable, you can also use it without cable, guaranteeing the same manageability and freedom of movement. 


The battery has an autonomy of 60 minutes and can be recharged by connecting the shaver to the electrical current (even during use), placing it on the support base and connecting it to the electrical network. 


Cleaning the GSH890 razor is quite easy thanks to the fact that you can open the body of the blades and remove each head. The maintenance kit includes a brush to remove the hairs that get between the blades and a protection cap to put on the shaver after use. 


The GSH890 razor is equipped with a universal voltage of 110-240V, so you can take it on a trip to any country, even those with a different electrical current than the Spanish one. 

Gama shaver

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