Starlight Tourmaline 5D Therapy is the hair straightener that allows you to get perfect and fast styling ensuring hair well-being and maximum protection from heat thanks to the combined action of Ozone, Ions and Far Infrared Heat.


A combination of technologies that purify the scalp and improve oxygenation.

  • Ozone has a real regenerating effect on the hair: it makes it more elastic, resistant, and vital.
  • Ions act on the hair strengthening and fortifying it, contrasting frizz, and giving it brightness and shine.
  • Tourmaline emits Far Infrared Heat, a particularly delicate heat because it penetrates the center of the hair and spreads from the inside out, protecting the cuticles as much as possible.


Designed with IHT technology, to obtain instant and uniform heating of the cuticles, it has a temperature adjustable from 150° to 230°C.


The digital display allows a handy use of the product. The ionizer, composed of a series of wires visible to the naked eye, emits a slight noise due to the high quantity of ions released.


Starlight Tourmaline 5D is an ergonomic hair straightener with a non-slip grip and a 2.5-meter swivel cable.


For your safety Starlight Tourmaline 5D is designed with an auto power off system that is activated 60 minutes after power on.

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