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GAMA Pluma Compact 4D BeYou perfectly combines modern original design, high performance, and the latest technologies to protect hair from GAMA. 


The advantages of this model include its compact body, which will allow you to work with great comfort with this hair dryer, especially if you want to buy it for your own use. The compact hairdryer is much more convenient and comfortable when drying your own hair.


The GAMA GH1901 uses a durable and long-lasting AC motor with Long Life technology. The minimum service life of such an engine is at least 5-6 years of daily work in the salon or hairdresser. GAMA AC motors provide powerful airflow, which in combination with 2400 watts makes the hair dryer productive and most effective on long hair. 


The GAMA Pluma Compact 4D BeYou hair dryer has two systems for protecting hair health. 


Ion Plus technology is a modern negative ion generator that works 80% more efficiently than any other similar technology. Ionization provides good hair protection for hundreds of losses of natural moisture during hot air drying. Negative ions well remove static from hair, making it more mobile, soft, and shiny.


Ultra Ozone Ion technology cleanses the scalp and improves oxygen saturation, which stimulates the hair cuticle to restore and strengthen hair health. Powerful technology will provide reliable protection for your hair.


The design of the model is very stylish, unusual - the hair dryer is made in two colors and has beautiful transitions from matte glossy plastic. 2-speed modes, 3 temperature modes, including cold blowing with a separate button, give the model 6 operating modes. The body is well assembled - does not creak, the gaps are smooth, clear. It should be noted that the nozzle has a special locking mechanism with a turn.



Ultra-compact housing

Power 2400 W.

Professional AC Long Life engine

Ozonation technology Ultra Ozone Ion

Ion Plus ionization technology

2-speed modes

3 temperature modes

Cold blowing with a separate button

Power cord 2.5 meters

Removable filter for engine cleaning

Tourmaline coating of internal details

Gama GH1901 Hair Dryer

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