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Versatile and chic flatiron, ideal for straightening or curling your hair. With high heating capacity and a focus on your hair’s health. 


Sensi 5D is the hair straightener, available in 4 different colors, which exploits the revolutionary technology 5D Ultra Ozone Ion Protect.


Thanks to its emission of ozone and ion, it gives several benefits to hair, making it healthier, glossier, and never frizz again. The ozone works as a powerful antibacterial, eliminating excess oil and impurities on the hair scalp, helping hair grow stronger and rejuvenated.


On the other side, ions help eliminate frizz and make hair healthier, soft, and glossy. Moreover, the straightener is provided with tourmaline-coated plates, which guarantee extreme protection during styling.


Thanks to IHT technology, CP1 Nova 5D reaches immediately the target temperature, adjustable from 160 °C – 230 °C. The rounded design makes it ideal to create both smooth looks and soft waves.

Gama GI0318 Hair straightener

€89.00 Regular Price
€75.00Sale Price
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