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This dryer has 5 vents, the most in the industry, and can reach the most significant air volume in the industry: 272m3/h, so it can more effectively remove hair and dust and reduce drying time.



The cutting-edge design with 5 airflows can deliver more air and this, together with the large 125-liter drum (the largest capacity in the industry), allows you to quickly dry multiple items of clothing at the same time.



You no longer have to worry about lint and debris. Hisense dryer with five 120-mesh high-density filters and nearly 100% contact with the tuyere can effectively remove the residues, ensuring cleaner laundry, and also protect the condenser.



Perfect for garments worn for a short time. The Refresh program circulates unheated air in the dryer to remove unpleasant odors, making this program incredibly energy efficient. You can choose the duration of the program between 5/10/15 minutes, as you like.



Protect your skin with the Allergy Care feature which uses the simple power of warm air and a longer drying cycle to effectively remove allergens from clothing, making them thoroughly clean and pleasant to wear without irritating the skin.



The Anti Crease function is the perfect solution to minimize creases. Through the rotation of the internal cylinders, the clothes will come out soft and wrinkle-free.



A removable basket allows you to decide the drying space freely. Shoes, stuffed animals, and cashmere clothes: all you need is a FlexRack to meet your drying needs and, at the same time, carefully protect the fabrics.



Thanks to the counter-rotation of the drum, the clothes can be turned completely by 360° in the drum: in this way, they will be dried evenly and tangles will be avoided.



Hisense's heat pump technology ensures lower drying temperatures and protects clothes from damage while providing high-quality drying. It also maximizes the use of energy and effectively saves on energy consumption.



Thanks to the constant improvement pursued by Hisense in terms of energy efficiency, you can get all the benefits of a modern dryer with significantly reduced energy consumption thanks to the latest technologies. This means significantly reduced electricity bills and a step towards the environment.



Built-in high-precision sensors, precise monitoring of residual water and temperature, and automatic adjustment of drying time ensure you save time and energy, avoiding excessive damage to clothes.



Hisense Power Dry 30' is a drying program that saves you time and energy. In just 30 minutes, you can get the same satisfying laundry results as with regular drying programs.

HISENSE DHQA902U 9kg Dryer

€699.00 Regular Price
€600.00Sale Price
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