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A great space-saving - and stylish laundry solution.

This WFQY9014EVJM washing machine comes with a 9kg capacity and is perfect for tackling the laundry of a large household. This model has 15 wash programs, steam refresh to help minimize ironing, a 1400 rpm spin, and inverter technology making it really quiet and more durable.


Powerful cleaning with a Pure Jet wash

Powerful jets of water dissolve detergent into your wash efficiently helping to remove dirt from your washing quickly, leaving your clothes cleaner.


A quieter, longer-lasting, and more reliable motor.

Inverter Technology allows your washing machine’s motor to rotate at the optimum speed for the load. This results in lower levels of vibration meaning a quieter, longer-lasting, and more reliable washing machine that uses less energy than conventional washing machines.



Super-fast spin removes more water to minimise drying time.

Sometimes, the simplest ideas make the most difference, like a faster maximum spin that removes more water from your wash to significantly reduce the time it takes to dry.


Pause & Add

Press pause within the first ten minutes of the wash cycle in order to add any missed or forgotten items to the machine.


Designed to remove even the toughest of stains.

Unique to Hisense, the snowflake pattern embossed drum is designed to remove even the toughest of stains, while also being gentle enough for delicate fabrics. The drum also features a chrome finish that lasts longer and repels debris, allowing for an even more effective clean.


◾ Washing Capacity (kg): 9

◾ Cabinet Colour: White

◾ Energy Class: B

◾ Spin Speed (rpm): 1400
◾ No. of Programs: 15

◾ Dimensions in mm's (W x H x D): 595 x 845 x 610

Hisense WFQY9014EVJM Washing Machine 9kg

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