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The sleek and modern design of the Lenco CR-07 FM clock radio has several useful functions. You will be amazed by the fantastic sound that enters your room through the built-in speaker. With the PLL FM tuner, you can receive all your favourite radio stations.

Due to its design, it looks perfect on any bedside table. No complicated buttons and functions, but a solid clock radio that you can rely on.


Even if the power goes out at night, you always wake up on time with this clock radio due to the battery-powered backup, so there is no excuse for getting out of bed too late. Although the clock radio is compact, it has a large and clear LED screen with red-coloured time display. You can also clearly see what time it is in the middle of the night.


Are you and your partner getting up at different times?

Then the Lenco CR-07 is perfect for you. The alarm clock is equipped with a double alarm function so that both you and your partner are woken up on time. Do you want to enjoy a lie-in while your partner has already left the house? Then use the snooze function and enjoy your favourite music channel.

LENCO CR-07 FM Alarm Clock Radio

€25.00 Regular Price
€20.00Sale Price
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