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  • Linear Compressor 10 years motor warranty
  • DoorCooling + ™
  • Multi Air Flow Multi Air Flow
  • Humidity Control




Uniform Cooling At All Times

A constant, uniform temperature at all times is a key factor in freshness. LINEAR Cooling technology maintains temperature fluctuations within ± 0.5 ℃.


Uniform & Fast Cooling Anywhere

LG DoorCooling+ technology evenly distributes the temperature inside and cools 35 times faster than conventional cooling systems. Significantly reduces the temperature difference between the interior parts and the doors on the side of the chamber.


Optimal Humidity Level

Excess moisture evaporates from the food and condenses in the grid, thus maintaining a proper moisture balance in the drawer up to 20% more.


Efficient energy savings

Thanks to LG's Linear Inverter Compressor, the best performance in the competition is achieved, using fewer parts than conventional compressors. As a result, the Inverter Linear Compressor has fewer friction points, resulting in less noise.


Easy Storage

You can easily remove and move the icebox whenever you need more freezer space.

LG GTB362SHCZD Refrigerator

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