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Inverter Direct Drive ™ Motor 10 Year Warranty with 6 Motion Technology

Energy efficiency class D (A-G)

Additionally: Add Item / Smart Diagnosis / NFC


What is AI DD ™

AI DD detects not only the weight but also the softness of the fabric and automatically selects the optimal movements for the fabric.


99.9% removal of allergens

Allergens are reduced by up to 99.9% by steam.


Greater durability and hygiene

Elegant door made of durable, reinforced glass and durable stainless steel bucket lifter that meets the necessary levels of hygiene.


 ◾ Energy Consumption: 69kwh / 100 cycles

◾ Water Consumption: 45lt / cycle

◾ Speed: 1200 / minute

◾ Height: 85cm

◾ Depth: 47.5cm

◾ Width: 60cm

LG F2WV3S7N3E Washing Machine 7kg

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