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◾ Old energy efficiency class: A +++
◾ New energy efficiency class: C
◾ Centrifuge: 1400-400 (variable)
◾ Annual energy consumption: 115
◾ Annual water consumption (liters): 9020
◾ Noise (dBA): Washing: 55 Spinning: 73


◾ Steam power
◾ Load capacity (Kg): 8 kg
◾ Motor: Direct Drive Inverter
◾ AI DD ™
◾ 6 motion Direct Drive
◾ Standby Power Zero
◾ Steam Wash
◾ Door locked indicator
◾ Stainless steel filters
◾ Smart Diagnosis
◾ Pause function
◾ Automatic recognition of fabrics
◾ Load weighing system
◾ Automatic load balancing
◾ Automatic restart system
◾ Washing time indicator
◾ Error message indicator


Cotton, Eco cotton, Blends, Delicates, Duvets, Allergy Care, Baby Steam Care, Easy Care, Special sport, Silent washing, Quick 14, Wool, Bath cleaning, Download programs

Special Options
Delayed start (3-19h), Prewash, Intensive, Rinse +, Water in the tub, Variable Spin, Variable temperature (Cold / 20/30/40/60/95 ° C), Spin only, Tank cleaning

Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 600 x 850 x 560

What is AI DD ™?
AI DD ™ does not just detect the weight, but also identifies the type of fabrics and autonomously chooses the optimal movements for each wash.

Allergy care
LG Steam ™ technology eliminates 99.9% of allergens responsible for allergies and respiratory problems.

99.9% Eliminates allergens
Allergens are reduced by up to 99.9% by the steam.

More reliable and hygienic
Large porthole in resistant and elegant tempered glass and hygienic and durable stainless steel stirrers.

More visible and elegant
A more visible display and a larger knob with a metal finish.

Cycle Download
Thanks to the Cycle Download you can download new washing programs such as Gym, Refresh blankets, Underwear and Anti-crease.

LG F4WV308S3E Washing Machine 8kg

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