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Linear Compressor 10 Years warranty on the motor

DoorCooling + ™

Multi Air Flow Multi Air Flow

FRESHBalancer ™

Additionally: Smart ThinQ ™ / Smart Diagnosis / Wifi


NatureFRESH ™
Enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. Let your senses travel to an enjoyable dining experience.


LINEARCooling ™

The LG linear inverter compressor helps maintain the appearance and taste of fresh food for longer, reducing temperature fluctuations.


DoorCooling + ™
The air vents in the front upper part of the refrigerator direct cold air to the objects located in the compartments of the upper door. Cooling on the doors starts 15 seconds after they close.


Convenience in your kitchen

This smart fridge-freezer has a folding shelf with 2 movements for tall bottles and a storage compartment, reducing the need to freeze and thaw certain foods.


SmartThinQ ™

With a compatible smartphone and the LG SmartThinQ την application, you can remotely adjust the temperature so that your refrigerator is ready to accept a wide range of food. 

LG GBB569NSAFB Refrigerator

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