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Inverter Linear Compressor (10 years warranty on the motor)

DoorCooling + ™ Multi Air Flow

FRESHConverter ™

Smart Diagnosis / NFC



Awaken your senses with NatureFRESH

Enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. Let your senses travel to an enjoyable dining experience.


LINEARCooling ™

Fresh food for longer. The LG linear inverter compressor helps maintain the look and taste of fresh food for longer, reducing temperature fluctuations.


DoorCooling + ™

Up to 32% * faster & uniform cooling, everywhere The air vents at the front of the refrigerator help maintain the temperature to keep your food fresh.


FRESHConverter ™

FRESHConverter keeps your meat, fish and vegetables respectively in excellent condition.


Inverter Linear Compressor10-year linear compressor warranty

The LG linear inverter compressor makes less noise than the conventional compressor, thanks to LG's advanced technology. It also saves more energy and provides greater reliability and greater durability, with a 10-year warranty * on the compressor.

LG GBP62DSNFN Refrigerator

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