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CL 13 MOULD CLEANER immediately destroys mould, algae and moss in humid areas. It is easily applied on horizontal and vertical surfaces as well as in difficult spots thanks to its practical packaging. It is suitable for interior and exterior use.




◼ Immediate action in 10 minutes

◼ Active foam formula

◼ Removes mould even in the most inaccessible places

◼ Does not blur tiles and acrylic bathtubs

◼ Does not affect plastic and acrylic paints

◼ Acts in depth

◼ Protects from mould regrowth



CL 13 MOULD CLEANER effectively removes mould spots and stains from:


◼ Walls, ceilings, ceramic tiles and tile joints in humid areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, cupboards

◼ Basements, warehouses, storage rooms, garages

◼ Swimming pools and saunas

◼ Balconies, flowerpots

Mercola CL 13 Mould Cleaner

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