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CL 27 GREASE CLEANER is a professional-grade, superior grease cleaner that lifts off the toughest dried and baked-on grease and removes animal and vegetable fats and food oils. Works in-depth, easily, and quickly removing any accumulated grease deposits. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.




◼ Immediate action

◼ Effective with stubborn stains

◼ Acts in depth

◼ Suitable for many surfaces

◼ Indoor and outdoor use

◼ Easy to use



CL 27 GREASE CLEANER is ideal for:


    ◼ Kitchen hoods

    ◼ Tiles, worktops, cupboards, cookware

    ◼ Can be applied on stainless steel, galvanized, cast iron, and aluminum surfaces as well as ceramic tiles, bricks, stone, glass, and synthetic materials.

    Mercola CL 27 Grease Cleaner

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