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CL 32 STRONG ALL PURPOSE CLEANER s a strong concentrated all-purpose cleaner for tough stains suitable for professional and household use. Use full strength on hard-to-remove stains or diluted for lighter soiled surfaces. Removes effectively soil and stains from oil, grease, salt, wine, coffee, soot and much more. Suitable for interior and exterior use.




◼ Extremely strong concentrated formula

◼ Effective with most persistent stains

◼ Suitable for all surfaces

◼ Suitable for household and professional use

◼ May be used diluted for daily use

◼ Suitable for use in a pressure washer

◼ Indoor and outdoor use



CL 32 STRONG ALL PURPOSE CLEANER cleans fast and effectively


◼ Ceramic tiles, marble, mosaic, PVC floors

◼ Car and boat engines, plastic boats

◼ Car wheels and tires

◼ Balconies, flowerpots

◼ Sanitary ware, plastic furniture, electrical equipment, work tops, barbecues, walls, wallpaper, carpets and much more.

Mercola CL 32 Strong All Purpose Cleaner

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