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CL 34 RUST REMOVER is a professional grade, superior cleaner that quickly dissolves rust and other oxidation stains without affecting the surface applied. Restores the original appearance of the surfaces. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.




◼ High performance cleaning agent

◼ Effective with persistent rust stains and other oxidation stains

◼ Suitable for many surfaces

◼ Restores the original appearance of the surfaces

◼ Indoor and outdoor use



CL 34 RUST REMOVER is suitable for removing rust stains from:


◼ All types of absorbent and non-absorbent ceramic tiles such as cotto, terracotta, ceramic glazed tiles, pavement and gardens tiles etc.

◼ Tile and marble cement joints - restores the original color of the joints

◼ Most types of natural stones such as Pelion, Karystos, Volos slabs, building stones, decorative cladding stones etc.

◼ Most types of artificial stones

◼Balconies, courtyards, garden corridors, window sills

Mercola CL 34 Rust Remover

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