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CL 36 INOX CLEANER is a stainless steel cleaner and polisher. Its unique formula enables easy removal of greasy stains, fingerprints, soil, smudges and salt stains while restores surface shine. The result is that the surfaces are clean with perfect shine.




◼ Cleaning and shining action in one easy step

◼ Effective with stubborn stains

◼ Does not affect the original color of the stainless steel surfaces

◼ Restores the original appearance of the surfaces

◼ Indoor and outdoor use



The CL 36 INOX CLEANER is ideal for:


◼ All types of stainless steel surfaces

◼ Stainless steel decorative surfaces

◼ Household and professional electric appliances, bath accessories, sinks, worktops

◼ Doors, handrails, elevators, stairs

◼ Inox marine accessories

Mercola CL 36 Inox Cleaner

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