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CL 44 ALUMINIUM CLEANER is a special cleaner for anodized and coated aluminum surfaces without altering or affecting their original color. Its unique formula enables the easy removal of difficult stains, deposits from environmental pollution, tough soil, smudges, and salt stains as well as fresh residues from water-based paints.




◼ Cleans and shines surfaces with a simple application


◼ Effective with stubborn stains

◼ Does not affect the original color of the aluminum

◼ Restores the original appearance of the surfaces

◼ Indoor and outdoor use




The CL 44 ALUMINUM CLEANER is ideal for:

◼ All types of anodized and coated aluminum.

◼ Doors, windows, shutters, and stairs made of aluminum and all types of aluminum constructions.

Mercola CL 44 Aluminium Cleaner

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