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Night mode

The night mode is activated using the remote control and provides a comfortable environment for a peaceful and deep sleep during the 7 hour cycle with a change in temperature from the reference values, as well as the setting of the minimum sound level and consumption economical energy.

Then the temperature returns to the originally specified value.


Dry mode

Dry mode automatically selects cooling, based on the difference between the fixed temperature and the actual room temperature.

Temperature is regulated while reducing humidity by repeatedly turning cooling and ventilation on and off.

when the dry mode on the remote control indicates "Drop".



"Turbo" function - when you activate this mode, the air conditioning provides the fastest cooling or heating, in order to create comfortable conditions in the shortest possible time.


Self-cleaning mode

This mode can be activated depending on the series of the air conditioner:
- Automatically (after a single activation from the remote control), whenever the air conditioner is turned off (at the same time, the blinds of the indoor unit are closed, but the fan keep running for another 10 ~ 20 minutes, ventilating and drying the heat exchanger);

- Forcibly, each time you activate it from the remote control.



Midea MSMABU-18HRDN8 Air Condition 18000BTU

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