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MINOS SMALTO is a specially formulated high-quality acrylic spray paint that can be used on most metal electric appliances. It provides a quick-drying, long-lasting finish that can put life back into old and tired kitchen appliances. The finish obtained is both durable and professional. It is resistant to scratches, and stains, aging, and has durable warmth.




◼ Excellent coverage

◼ Long term durability

◼ Excellent adhesion

◼ Excellent flow, smooth surface

◼ Fast-drying

◼ Durable colour and gloss retention

◼ Corrosion protection

◼ Scratch and bump proof

◼ Excellent resistance to continuous heat

◼ Easy to apply

◼ Environmentally friendly




◼ Ideal to refresh, restore and repair damaged or tired white electrical appliances and other metal surfaces around the house such as ovens, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters etc.


💥 Not suitable for use on sinks, cookers or hobs.

Minos 9201 Premium Electrical Appliances White Paint

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