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The Speed Steam Pro is our most powerful steam generator, perfect for households with large amounts of ironing. The 7-bar pump produces 140g of continuous steam for effortless ironing on all fabrics. A further 400g steam shot can be produced to tackle event the most stubborn creases. The large 2 liter water tank ensures that you maintain the high levels of steam for longer, with fewer refills.


7 Bar Pressure

The Speed Steam Pro is our most powerful Steam Generator Iron. Producing 7 bar pressure, so you can iron through multiple layers at once and speed through your ironing.


Powerful Steam Output

140g grams of continuous steam makes ironing effortless and gives great results on all fabrics. For tough creases the powerful 400g steam boost will easily tackle even the most stubborn creases.


Auto-Clean & De-Scale

The built-in Auto Clean and De-scale functions on this Speed Steam Pro helps to remove limescale and keep your steam generator working at its best. Limescale build-up can reduce the steam output, so this function is essential to maintaining the maximum steam output.


Large Capacity Water Tank

The large 2 litre water tank ensures you can keep ironing for longer, without the need to refill.


Ceramic Soleplate

The non-stick soleplate on this Speed Steam Pro is made from high quality ceramic, for extra durability. Ceramic also ensures the iron glides across your fabrics with ease, removing creases.


Vertical Steam

The Speed Steam Pro provides powerful vertical steam. Ideal for those hard to iron fabrics around the home. Freshen up curtains, bedding, upholstery and more, quickly and easily


Neat & Tidy Storage

The cord storage feature on this steam generator keeps unsightly cables out of the way and makes it easier to store when not in use.


Safety Features

The Speed Steam Pro comes with Auto Shut Off and secure iron to base lock. For added safety and peace of mind, the Auto Shut Off feature ensures the iron turns off if left unused. Additionally the iron securely locks to the base unit for easy, safe and secure carrying.

Morphy Richards 332100 Steam Generator

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