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Easily visible design
Large rotary scale
In addition to the large rotary scale, which makes the frequency numbers large and easy to see, the luminous pointer allows you to view the device comfortably even at night. Tuning is easy even at night and during power outages.

Easy and stable tuning
New digital tuner with AFC
The new digital tuner ensures easy tuning and stable reception. The Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) function extends the reception range of the AM waveband and simplifies tuning. Thanks to AFC, precise tuning is no longer necessary, as the device automatically selects the nearest station. Noise during tuning has also been reduced to increase listening comfort.


◻Pocket radio with carrying strap
◻Radio receiver with digital station search and AFC
◻Wave range: FM / AM
◻Easy-to-read LED setting display
◻Slide Chain for easy channel adjustment
◻Headphone output (3.5 mm)
◻Battery operated
◻AA Mignon 2 pcs.
◻Frequency Response: UKW 87 – 108 MHz, MW 520 – 1730 kHz
◻Color: Silver
◻Width (mm): 120
◻Height (mm): 68
◻Depth (mm): 31

Panasonic RFP-150D Battery Operated AM/FM Portable Pocket Radio

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