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Combined with everything you will want for audio in your home - the Roadstar HRA-9D+BT Bluetooth Speaker with FM / DAB Radio & CD Player is the ideal all-in-one system.


FM / DAB / DAB + Radio

FM, DAB, and even some DAB+ radio stations are available to listen to via this amazing unit. The wired antenna at the rear of the unit is discreet and can pick up a range of available local, regional and national radio with ease.



With a simple connection to Bluetooth, you can pair and stream audio from smartphones and tablet devices quick and easy with just a touch of a button - get all your stored music or streaming subscription services playing out through incredible speaker output.


CD Player

The single front loading CD player is a fantastic option to play any of your CD collection that you may have - and supports a number of different formats; CD, CD-R, CD-RW and also CD-MP3.


Powerful Speakers

Rear audio input connection allows you to utilise the Roadstar HRA-9D+BT as an incredibly versatile TV soundbar or connection to other alternate sources. With such a shallow height, this unit can fit on most TV stands and TV cabinets.

Roadstar HRA-9D+BT HiFi System

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