Demeliss Steam Saint Algue Hair Straightener


This brush combines heating bristles and steam technology for an ultra-silky straightening. The 92 heating bristles, adjustable temperature and powerful steam diffusors (30ml built-in water tank) will leave your hair shiny, silky and hydrated. When used after applying the Demeliss Keratin-Care cream, the steam will open the hair scales and let the treatment penetrate deeply in your hair.

RESULT: Smooth, nourished and ultra-silky hair.

Heat-resistant velvet pouch included.


Demeliss Mini Pro Hair Waving Brush


This exclusive brush with a unique thin design is the 2 in 1 straightening brush that can straighten or curl your hair. It's constant temperature at 200°C allows an efficient and fast styling.

Light weighted, bring your Demeliss MINIPRO with you anywhere, anytime.

RESULT: A straight or wavy hair, thanks to its thin and ergonomic design.

Heat-resistant velvet pouch included.

Saint Algue steam straightener