Get better organized. Enjoy more.

Enjoy a whole new level of flexibility and organization of your food, with the refrigerator that maximizes the available storage space.


Uniform cooling everywhere

The All-Around Cooling system cools the entire refrigerator evenly. Cold air is passed through multiple vents at the level of each shelf, allowing for optimal distribution of cooling at each point of the refrigerator, helping food stay fresh for a long period of time.


Easy access to your favorite foods

The Easy Slide shelf facilitates efficient storage, organization and access to your food, which you can now reach easily and quickly even if they are in the back and in every corner of the refrigerator.


Store taller items

The easy-to-adjust Easy Big Door Bin allows safe storage of larger or taller items inside the door. It can hold large packages of milk and juices, as well as two rows of drinks in cans or bottles. This frees up space from your shelves and you are ready for your parties!


Full Open Box (Freezer)

The larger opening of the freezer facilitates the organization and access of objects, thus optimizing the storage space in the freezer.


LED lighting

The LEDs ideally illuminate the inside of the refrigerator, without any loss in cooling.


Smart operation. Longer lifespan.

The Digital Inverter compressor automatically controls its speed according to the cooling requirements in 7 levels. Thus, it uses less energy, minimizes noise and reduces wear, achieving longer life.


No more ice accumulation

Thanks to No Frost technology, ice accumulation is prevented and the temperature is kept constant at every corner. Also, cooling is achieved almost twice as fast **, with the result that the cooling system wears out less, increasing its lifespan.

Samsung RB33J32 Refrigerator

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