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The essentials of the portable steamer


More powerful, for impeccable style at your fingertips!  Quickly ready in 40 seconds.

Thanks to its ultra-compact design and the universal bottle connector, you can take it anywhere for impeccable hold even on the go. No need to worry about your crumpled clothes, the SN250MG will be your everyday style, and even when traveling!






◾ Power: 2000W

◾ Steam flow rate: 30g/min

◾ Autonomy: 8min

◾ Ready in: 40sec


The essentials of the portable steamer

◾ Steam flow rate 30g/min

◾ A backlit button that is easy to use

◾ 140 ml easy-to-fill removable tank for steaming

Compact size: 22 cm x 17.3 cm x 11.8 cm (height, depth, width)

◾ User-friendly lever to control steam

◾ Matt Titanium: for more elegance and ease of maintenance