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◾ Power: 2200W

◾ High-quality non-stick coated grill plate with 40 x 29 cm and “Hot Zone”

Infinitely variable temperature control for the best grilling results

◾ Low fat: oil runs into a collector bowl

◾ Grill plate with grill pattern for steaks or fish and smooth area for sausages, seafood, etc.

◾ High grilling temperature and forced warm-up time by an integrated heating element

◾ Easy cleaning due to detachable grill plate

◾ Space-saving upright storage

◾ Temperature control light

◾ Handle lock on the glass lid

◾ 2 m power cord


Extremely tender grilling results due to glass cover without drying out, also creating tasty crackling on the outside. The flavor, content, and shape are therefore essentially retained.

Steba VG 195 Table Grill

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