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A comfortable shave in all circumstances. This body trimmer is the ideal way to easily remove hair. Its two heads (2 and 4 mm) will help you shave more easily and safely.


This body trimmer is ideal for eliminating all your hair without any difficulty

◾The two combs (2 and 4mm) included in the kit will help to shave hair more easily and above all safely

◾To be used with or without a comb, dry or with foam

◾This mower is very compact and cordless to make it even easier to use. A single battery (LR6 supplied) is enough to use your device

◾Thanks to its small brush, the mower is very easy to maintain. 





  • Choose the attachment for the desired height. Make sure the mark on the attachment is aligned with the mark on the head.
  • Place the device at a 45° angle to the skin.
  • Slide the on/off button and use slow, controlled strokes when the hair is dense.
  • Move the appliance in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  • Do not apply too much pressure.

The Barb Xpert 0581 Body Trimmer

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