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Key features 


  • Microwave heating power 700 W
  • Capacity 20 liters
  • 5 levels of performance
  • Thawing
  • Swivel plate with a diameter of 25.5 cm
  • Timer
  • Indoor LED lighting



Choose a quality Japanese Toshiba appliance brand and enjoy the highest quality combined with the latest technologies. The Toshiba MWP-MM20P microwave will make your daily life easier and, thanks to its elegant and minimalist design, it will become an attractive addition to any modern kitchen.


5 levels of performance

Using the mechanical selector, you can easily select the desired power for different types of food. Low grades are suitable for thawing food, heating soup, goulash, or fish. The medium high grade is ideal for rice, meat, and ready meals. High performance ensures fast heating of water or vegetables.


Fast defrosting

Are you in a hurry and need to quickly defrost food pulled from the freezer?  This will not be a problem for the Toshiba MWPMM20P microwave oven  . Use the rotary selector to continuously adjust the defrosting of the food according to time or weight, and you can serve the ready meal in a short time.


Timer for 35 minutes

Turn the knob to set the cooking time between 0 and 35 minutes. The Toshiba MWP-MM20P (BK) microwave oven starts cooking and switches off automatically after the set time has elapsed. An acoustic signal informs you when the preparation is completed.


Stable turntable

The rotating glass plate with a diameter of 25.5 cm has great stability, which makes placing and removing food from the microwave oven much easier and safer.


LED lighting

The modern LED interior lighting of the Toshiba MWP-MM20P microwave oven allows you to control the food during its preparation.

Toshiba MWP-MM20P Microwave

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