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Lithium-Ion Plus Rechargeable Technology

90 minutes of continuous run time means months of normal usage between charging.


WAHL lithium-ion technology also features almost no loss of charge while in storage, is environmentally smart and lithium-ion has no 'memory' issues so your battery will always take a full charge.


Smart charge technology with battery fuel meter to let you know exactly how much charge you have and smart charge battery-low warning.


Wahl's Absolute Best Smart Shave is our most advanced shaver that will give you the best shaving experience possible.


Long run time, advanced power meter, smart charging, SpeedFlex foils, and waterproof to over 3 feet for up to 30 minutes.


Dual floating foil shaver heads with patterns to lift and cut hairs no matter which direction they are growing to give you the best shave with the fewest passes


✔ Full Shave in Under 1 Minute

✔ Convenient Quick Charge

✔ Quick Contour Foils & Head

✔ Flex Foils Move With You

✔ Waterproof Up To 1 Meter

✔ Smart Battery Gauge

✔ Lithium Ion Plus Rechargeable Technology

✔ 90 Minute Run Time

Wahl 7061 Electric Razor 

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